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What Should You Use to Seal the Walls Before Applying Wallpaper?

When it comes to sealing walls before applying wallpaper, it’s essential to choose the right product to ensure adhesion, prevent damage, and achieve a professional finish. There are several options available, each with its advantages and suitability for different wall types.

Primer-Sealer Combination

A primer-sealer combination is a versatile and efficient option for preparing walls before wallpaper installation. This product combines the functions of a primer and a sealer in a single application. It creates a smooth, uniform surface, enhances adhesion, and seals porous areas to prevent moisture absorption. Look for a high-quality primer-sealer that is compatible with your wallpaper type and wall condition. Applying a primer-sealer saves time and effort, making it an excellent choice for most wallpaper projects.

Oil-Based Sealer

An oil-based sealer is a robust option, particularly suitable for walls with stains or discolouration. This type of sealer provides excellent stain blocking properties, preventing any underlying blemishes from bleeding through the wallpaper. It creates a seal that helps the wallpaper adhere evenly and minimises the risk of peeling or lifting. However, keep in mind that oil-based sealers have a strong odour and longer drying times compared to other options.

Acrylic Primer

Acrylic primers are popular choices for sealing walls before wallpaper application. They offer versatility, as they can be used on various wall surfaces, including drywall, plaster, and previously painted walls. Acrylic primers dry quickly, allowing you to move forward with your wallpaper installation promptly. They provide a smooth and stable surface, ensuring proper adhesion and minimising the risk of bubbling or wrinkling.

PVA Sealer

If you’re working with new drywall, a PVA (polyvinyl acetate) sealer is an excellent option. PVA sealers are specifically designed to seal and prime fresh drywall. They help to prevent excessive moisture absorption, reduce surface porosity, and promote better wallpaper adhesion. PVA sealers are typically white and easy to apply, drying quickly to a clear finish. Make sure to choose a PVA sealer that is compatible with wallpaper adhesives for optimal results.

Wall Size

Wall size is a traditional product used to seal walls before wallpapering. It is a clear liquid that is applied to the wall surface, providing a smooth and sealed base for wallpaper installation. Wall size enhances adhesion and minimises the risk of wallpaper shrinkage or expansion. However, it’s worth noting that wall size is less effective in blocking stains compared to other sealers. Consider using it for walls without significant discolouration issues.